Mon 11 May 2020 17:18

The Steering Group for the 2022 Legacy Project are determined not to let the necessary restrictions currently in place jeopardise delivering it on schedule. The reality is that it has become more difficult and lack of available funding will be just one hurdle to clear but Paviors haven’t got where we are by taking backward steps.

So delivering additional bespoke changing rooms fully compliant to Sport England specifications and in line with safeguarding separation requirements is still on track. We can then more easily host junior and senior games on the same day.  The blossoming Girls and soon Ladies rugby will have fantastic changing facilities and it will alleviate the problem of them having to wait until the boys have finished.

We will also include a well-equipped treatment room in the design.

The balcony will be extended and just as importantly protected with a roof which should increase the atmosphere and intensity of support for the players on the pitch.

Another huge benefit will be the extra space provided upstairs. Currently when the First XV play a home game we have to be very careful of other games taking place because of the statutory limit on numbers in the building. We know this doesn’t go down well with the other sides but are really grateful for their cooperation in managing this. The extension provides a whopping addition 180 square meters of space and with improved fire escapes allows us to double permissible numbers. It also allows for pre-match functions as well as events that can seat well over 100 people. All vital for finances but invaluable in promoting the whole Club spirit.

The Steering Group currently consists Duane Broddell, Malk Hall, Oli Collingham, George Billam, Theo Collier and myself. It is symbolic that of those three current First XV players two of whom, George and Oli, took their first steps on the rugby path as Minis at Paviors and are now investing in our minis of tomorrow. So as the project rolls out you will be hearing from us all and we will certainly want to engage and involve you in bringing this much needed project to fruition.

A few days ago, The Group discussed, on line, moving to the next stage. We have just completed a topographical survey and based on that our architect is itching to finalise drawings for our planning application. As one we agreed that we should instruct the architect, once Board approval has been secured, to proceed. I’m pleased to say that within hours the Board unanimously endorsed our view.

So despite the uncertainty that lie in the weeks and months ahead we are right on course to having the new changing rooms open and available by mid 2022. It was always going to be difficult to raise the money and possibly even harder now, but we go ahead just as our predecessors did in the early seventies when from their vision, when we had nothing, today’s Burntstump was born.

Lets all stick to the guidelines, protect ourselves and others, stay safe and speed up the return of rugby to Burntstump.

Graham Turner

Club Chair


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